Shuangshuang Chinese Class(6-18years old )

New Shuangshuang Chinese Class6-18years old

The book “new Shuangshuang Chinese” consists of 15 volumes, covering the study from literacy, pinyin, sentence patterns, and short essays to preliminary and systematic Chinese culture. The textbook has a wide range of knowledge, is very interesting, and has both pictures and text. It is easy to teach and learn. The characteristics of this textbook are to put the learning of Chinese characters into the process of cultural learning, introduce Chinese culture systematically, the language is simple, and the knowledge is in place.


Compared with the Chinese textbooks widely used in North America, new double Chinese new Shuangshuang Chinese pays more attention to the cultivation of expression ability. From the first to fifth grade textbooks, “reading” and “expression” are complementary. The content of “reading” is mostly children’s songs, riddles, ancient poems, or a short essay. “Expression” is mainly about speaking in the first to the fourth grade, and writing training will be carried out in the fifth grade. Although the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing is equally important in language learning, the ability of expression is particularly important. Our school’s teaching concept and classroom design are very consistent with the design concept of double Chinese textbooks. We have also proved this point in our teaching practice, integrating the knowledge of speech and drama into the teaching to achieve the best effect of learning Chinese.


From six volumes to fifteen volumes, each textbook of middle and senior grade introduces a cultural theme: geography, history, literature, philosophy, etc. it has a wide range of knowledge and emphasizes interest, speculative ability and analytical ability. The Chinese culture, history and geography topics covered will lay a solid foundation for the credit by exam (CBE) and AP Chinese exam. In order to guide students to learn and apply, we will re integrate the contents of the two volumes of textbooks and arrange teaching plans, such as “idiom stories” will be combined with “myths and legends”, “geographical knowledge” will be combined with “Chinese history”, etc. Our teaching goal is not only to let students learn to use Chinese and learn the essence of Chinese culture, but also to analyze and compare the differences between Chinese culture and European and American history. These knowledge points are required for AP Chinese.