Public Speaking Course

John Doe/Senior specialist

Course Outline: 

Lesson 1: Introduction
-Gauge confidence level
– Foundational questions
– Speech decisions
Lesson 2: Our voice is our greatest tool
-Tone and Pitch
Lesson 3: Structure of a Speech
– Intro
– Body
– Summary
Lesson 4: Narrative Speech
-Storytelling Techniques
-Body Language
– Eye Contact
Lesson 5: Tell Me A Story
-Students present a narrative speech in a personal story
-Peer Evaluation
Lesson 6: Informative Speech
-Review structure
-Using notes or multi media
-Citing Sources
Lesson 7: Informative Speech Continued
-Captivating intros
– Body of facts
– Summary
– Strong Conclusions
Lesson 8: Informative Speeches
-Students give a researched-based informative speech
-Peer Evaluations
Lesson 9: Persuasive Speech
-Review structure
– Finding a problem in need of solution
– Be convincing
Lesson 10: Persuasive Speech Continued
-Your opinion matters
– You’re selling something
Lesson 11: Review
-Compare and contrast the three types of speech
– Identify the elements of the structure of a speech
-Oral quiz
Lesson 12: Oral Interpretation of written stories
-Making vocal choices
– Creating a vocal character
– Plot structure
– You are the story
Lesson 13: Final Speeches
-Students choose to give a narrative, informative, persuasive, or
oral interpretation speech
-Peer evaluations