Website Programming for Beginners

$300.00 $240.00




  1. Introduction of the fundamental HTML elements
  2. Develop basic HTML pages displaying static web pages
  3. Designing with JavaScript Form Validation and CSS animations

Age Requirement:

9 or above

Programming Concepts Covered:

  1. HTML page structure
  2. Meta tags
  3. Page formatting headings and formatting
  4. Website with images and sounds
  5. Decorating websites with CSS
  6. Dynamic Sizing of the page content based on client browser size
  7. HTML forms
  8. Writing/Reading cookies

Class Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am -12pm Central time,12 lessons, 6/1-6/26

Tuition:  $240 (5%off if registered by 5/25/2020)


About the Teacher:

Vivian Liu

Computer Information Systems graduate degree from Florida Institute of Technology. She is an experienced engineer working as a software developer in Plano, TX and has 5 years of software development experience in the financial technology industry. She has an extensive experience in educating young children in programming as she was one of the lecturers in CodeCraft Lab located in Melbourne Florida. Developed the programming curriculum and helped brainstorming new projects for the young students in the class. She enjoyed every moment when she took the stage teaching because she believes teaching kids STEM skills is one of the greatest things that she can contribute back to the community.



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