Beginner Spanish Class – Level 1

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Learn basic vocabulary, commands, and the ability to keep a very basic conversation.



Spanish Level 1 is designed as an introductory course for beginners with little or no previous knowledge or exposure to Spanish. Student will be introduced to the sound system and grammatical structure of the Spanish language and establish a strong foundation and promote future success in Spanish learning for years of study to come. The focus will be on developing skills in the areas of listening, speaking, basic reading, and writing.  This is a class with lots of speaking! Repetition, listening and a variety of different games will allow the kids to learn in an engaged environment to be interested in the content.

12 lessons in summer, once a week. See summer schedule tab for more details.

Course Breakdown(first 10 lessons):

Lesson 1 — We will start by learning about foods. The verbs of eating and want will be introduced. This will consist a lot on repetition and a lot of pictures for them to practice.

Lesson 2 — We will learn about sports, the verbs of playing, running and jumping will be introduced. Pictures and repetition will be used in this lesson.

Lesson 3 — We will learn about technologies, the verb of to use will be introduced. This will be done by using pictures and repetition.

Lesson 4 — We will learn about family, the verb of having will be introduced. Pictures and repetition will allow the students to understand the topic.

Lesson 5 — Talk about the descriptions, this will go over the simple body parts. Pictures and repetition will be used during the lesson as well as the famous head, shoulders, knees, and toes song.

Lesson 6 — Talk about adjectives of descriptions, the verb of to be and to have will be introduced. This will be done by using videos and pictures.

Lesson 7 — Talk about transportation, use verbs that express the action.

Lesson 8 — We will talk about emotions and the review of the verb to be. Pictures and listening will occur.

Lesson 9– We will learn about professions and the verb used in the translation of I am.

Lesson 10–Places (park, movies, museum) will be introduced as well as the verb to go.

Learning Outcome:

–The understanding of commands and being able to use their previous vocabulary knowledge to create simple sentences.

–After the class the students will be able to answer simple questions, they will have the ability to present themselves to others.

–This class will allow them to focus on previous content as well as new content, this will allow them to expand their vocabulary and their way of expressing themselves in Spanish.

Teacher’s bio:

My name is Ms. Figueiras and I’m a Spanish native speaker. I was born in Barcelona, Spain and I moved to the United States when I was in 6th grade. Since then my family has gone above and beyond so I don’t loose my ability to communicate in Spanish. When it comes to actual Spanish classes in the USA, I have taken CBE’s (credit by exam) to get rid of Spanish I and II, score 100 in all of them, this allowed me to take Spanish AP my sophomore year, I scored a 5 on that exam.

As for my experience with kids, I was involved in PALs (Peer Leadership and assistance) and I was part of staff at Camp Invention by The National Inventors Hall of Fame. Apart from that I have worked closely with disabled kids through the program UNIFED, there I was the president. I’ve been a private tutor for several years. I take pride in the way that I teach Spanish because I allow people to be able to talk to more human beings. I try to make classes a little more fun and entertaining, this allows the kids to be more connected rather than distanced.


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