Singapore Math(G1-6)

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我们的数学课程采用新加坡课程体系, 并结合其他据挑战性的教辅材料, 引导学生探索,激励学生的深度思维。



Singapore’s mathematics education has attracted the attention of countries all over the world in recent years. At present, more than 40 countries and regions in the world have adopted Singapore mathematics textbooks for teaching. Their unique “Model-Drawing” teaching mode allows children to learn to solve abstract mathematical problems. Its biggest advantage is that it uses graphics to replace abstract numbers and questions, allowing children to intuitively understand mathematical concepts, calculations, etc., instead of passively receiving formulas, which is very useful for cultivating children’s mathematical thinking.


Our mathematics course adopts the Singapore curriculum system, combined with other challenging teaching materials, to guide students to explore and stimulate students’ in-depth thinking. Our course encourage students  to think critically, guide them to master the math concepts and solve the problems step-by-step , highlight the important and difficult parts, and allow students to easily understand the math concepts, methods, and applications, as well as discover the beauty of mathematics.

我们的数学课程采用新加坡课程体系, 并结合其他据挑战性的教辅材料, 引导学生探索,激励学生的深度思维。数学课件遵循培养学生思维模式设计,难易循序渐进,重难点突出,讲练结合,让学生可以轻松参与理解数学概念、方法、应用的过程,摆脱传统的枯燥困难的数学课印象,掌握技巧、融会贯通,发现数学的美。

12 lessons. 1 hour each lesson.

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