English Writing and Reading G7-8

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Students will be able to develop various writing and reading skills designed with the advanced student in mind, such as how to create expository and persuasive essays from start to finish utilizing all of the steps of writing, utilizing the Write Source book.



Course Breakdowns:

1) Expository Writing: Explains by presenting the steps, the causes, or the kinds of somethings.

Lesson 1–Expository Paragraph: expository paragraphs that explain the parts of a topic. Contains a topic sentence, body sentences, and a closing sentence.
Lesson 2–Expository essay ( classification essay): Identifies the main categories of a topic using clear and interesting details and is organized by category.
Lesson 3–Writing across the curriculum: Expository writing students do in a different content area such as a new report for science or a social studies piece.
Lesson 4–Compare and contrast: Explain the similarities and differences between the two topics.
Lesson 5–Writing for assessment: Similar to state assessments, writing for assessments focuses on the main traits of expository writing as well as how to answer a prompt.

2) Persuasive Writing: Introduces the unit and lays down the groundwork for more extensive persuasive writing.

Lesson 6– Persuasive Paragraph: learning how to utilize a chart for topic selection, gathering reasons, and support for a position, and organizing reasons into an effective order.
Lesson 7–Persuasive essay: asks students to defend a position about the controversy in their school or community.
Lesson 8– Personal commentary: focuses on expressing a personal viewpoint. This section also presents an alternate or additional form of persuasive writing.
Lesson 9–Writing across the curriculum: Collaborate with teachers from other content areas to identify persuasive forms that could enhance the student experience with the curriculum already in place.
Lesson 10–Writing for Assessment: Students learn to respond to a prompt listed as a formal assessment and will clarify the components of a persuasive essay such as the hook, the thesis statements, organized body, and the conclusion.

Lesson Schedule: 1.5 hours each lesson, 10 lessons

Learning Outcomes: 

. Students will be able to develop various writing and reading skills developed with the advanced student in mind such as Argumentative writing, writing claims, opposing claims, logical reasoning, keeping an academic tone.

. Expository Writing  (introduce a topic clearly, organize ideas, concepts, and information utilizing graphics and multimedia. 

. Persuasive writing  (thesis development, choosing a side, creating, and solid statement.)

My name is Gabriela D. Ayala and I have been an educator since 2006.  I have taught all levels of English and Literature including Middle and High School levels as well as regular, honors, Pre IB, and AP Literature. My passion for Literature is my best teaching quality followed by my ability to make connections with students.  My passion for education also grew into getting a Master’s in Education and completing all of my Doctoral work in the field of Higher Education, which assists me to understand what Colleges expect from their students.

When I am not sharing my passion for books with students, I am sharing my time with my family, especially my three boys in Roswell, Ga.  I am looking forward to sharing my life’s passion with you and making you successful in fulfilling your goals.


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