English Reading & Writing (G2-3)

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This course includes developmentally appropriate reading (foundational skills, literature and informational text), writing, vocabulary, grammar, language (including word study, vocabulary and spelling) and speaking and listening experiences. Students are expected to develop the skills to be independent and self-directed learners with the foundational skills to take on complex text. Students will still continue to have experiences with all genres of reading and writing with special attention to informational text.

Schedule: Friday 4-5pm(1h),12 lessons

Class Date: 5/21-8/6

Learning Outcome:


STRATEGIES: • Preview the text • Set and monitor purpose for reading • Activate and use prior knowledge • Make, confirm and modify predictions • Monitor comprehension and use fix-up strategies • Use graphic organizers • Answer and generate questions • Recognize text structure: story and informational • Summarize text by retelling or identifying main ideas • Visualize • Make connections to text.

SKILLS: • Author’s purpose • Cause and effect • Compare and contrast • Draw conclusions • Fact and opinion • Follow directions • Generalize • Graphic sources (charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, tables) • Main idea and supporting details • Realism/fantasy • Sequence of events.

WRITING SKILLS: • Sentences that include nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns • Proper punctuation and capitalization • Personal narrative • How-to report • Compare and contrast essay • Story • Persuasive argument • Review

About the Teacher:

Hello! My name is Saima, and I’m thrilled to say this is my 18th year teaching English to children and foreign students.

I spent 8 years teaching English to students in Japan. Currently, I am working as an online ESL instructor. I love teaching and watching the young minds shape and mold into wonderful readers and writers. My job as a facilitator is to develop enriching, engaging lessons that stretch the thinking of all my young students.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in science in 1996 and went on to get another Bachelor’s degree in Education in 1999 from the A.M. University. I have been living in Texas for about 15 years and have travelled quite a bit all over the world.


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