English Writing and Reading G7-8 (Mrs.Ayala)

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Students will learn the six traits of writing with a six-step rubric designed to take them from brainstorming all the way to publishing. The students will review the expectations of writing, assess their work throughout the writing process as well as revise and edit their materials.



Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1: Understanding the writing process, build good writing habits, the process in action, and getting the big picture.

Lesson 2: One Writer’s Process: goals, prewriting, writing, revising, editing, publishing, assessment, reflection.

Lesson 3: Understanding the traits of writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions.

Lesson4: Rubrics: how to utilize a rubric: understanding rubrics, revising, and editing with a rubric.

Lesson 5: Publishing your writing: Sharing your writing, Publishing online

Lesson 6: Creating a portfolio: Types of portfolios, Sample reflections

Lesson 7: Describing writing: Writing a descriptive paragraph. Describing a person.

Lesson 8: Narrative writing: writing a narrative paragraph, writing a phase Autobiography.

Lesson 9: Traits of narrative writing, “ Getting to Know Joe”

Lesson 10: Showcase your portfolio: Turn in the narrative.

Learning Outcome

— Students will learn the 6 traits of writing while having the opportunity to become stronger writers.

–Weekly activities that will help the students learn to apply writing strategies in every lesson, write to learn, and prepare for writing assessments.

–As a process, when writing is taught, it is proven to increase student achievement.

–Mastery of the mechanics of writing, punctuation, spelling, and correct usage – is important to becoming effective write whose writing is understood and taken seriously.

I’m Mrs. Ayala and I have been an educator since 2006.  I have taught all levels of English and Literature including Middle and High School levels as well as regular, honors, Pre IB, and AP Literature. My passion for Literature is my best teaching quality followed by my ability to make connections with students.  My passion for education also grew into getting a Master’s in Education and completing all of my Doctoral work in the field of Higher Education, which assists me to understand what Colleges expect from their students.

When I am not sharing my passion for books with students, I am sharing my time with my family, especially my three boys in Roswell, Ga.  I am looking forward to sharing my life’s passion with you and making you successful in fulfilling your goals


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