I Dream of Theatre! (Drama class for G1-3)

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I Dream of Theatre! is a program designed to build self-esteem and speaking skills by using theatre techniques in order to produce the perfect performance! Students will have the opportunity to experience what others may think, feel, and do through dramatic performance.
Even if your dream isn’t of becoming an actor, you may still want to enroll in the program! That is because it offers the following benefits:

● Learn to Be Adaptable
● Gain Self-Confidence
● Acting Classes Boost Public Speaking Skills
● Acting Fosters Group Relationships
● Builds Compassion for Others
● Improves Critical Thinking Skills

Come join I Dream of Theatre! and build the actor/actress in you!

Course Breakdown(10 lessons):
Week 1: Secrets To Telling A Great Story
● Once Upon a Time
● The World Of Interp: The Best Story Of All Time: YOU
Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to tell stories and
communicate them before an audience.

Week 2: The Land of Make Believe
● Gibberish Activity
● Greetings
Objective: Students will demonstrate their creative and imaginary skills through several theatre activities.
Week 3: The Voice
● Puppet Show
Objective: Students will demonstrate the proper way to use their voices through several voice exercises and presentations.

Week 4: Funny and Sad Monologues
● Good News/Bad News
● Smile for Me
Objective: Students will learn the importance of emotions and understanding them through role play.

Weeks 5-10: Students will work on performances for parents and friends to watch.

  • Week 5: Impromptu Scenes
  • Week 6: Duet Scenes
  • Week 7-10 The Final Performance

Ms. Bell

Ms. Bell has nearly 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in education. She received her bachelor’s Degree in Speech Education in 1998 (Northwestern State University) and Master of Education in 2007 (Texas A&M-Commerce). Naomi has coached several district, regional, state, and national speech and debate team competitors. Her most recent accomplishment was receiving the first Diamond Award which was given by the National Speech and Debate Association to coaches for building successful speech teams (June 2018 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.)



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