Beginning Spanish -Level 2

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Introduce students to basic Spanish vocabulary, greetings, and comprehension of commands.



Students will continue working on adding to their Spanish vocabulary, including learning words for clothing, food, the town, house words, and family.  They will also start learning adjectives and the concept of gender/agreement of adjectives and gender of nouns.  They will learn basic conversation words, greetings, and expressions.  Finally, they will start learning very basic verbs and present tense conjugation of them.  We will continue to review what they have already learned to reinforce the vocabulary, as well.   Lessons will include short videos, oral and listening activities, games to keep the students interested and engaged, and some written work for them to self-practice.

Learning Outcome:

–Comprehension of basic commands, including identifying body parts, classroom objects, household items, and other common vocabularies.

–Ability to introduce themselves and greet others with common, proper phrases.

–Ability to identify, write, and say many Spanish vocabulary words from categories such as days/months/seasons, numbers, body parts, weather, clothing, colors, and other basic vocabulary themes.

Class Schedule: 12 lessons, 45 minutes each.


About the Teacher

My name is Ms. Figueiras and I’m a Spanish native speaker. I was born in Barcelona, Spain and I moved to the United States when I was in 6th grade. Since then my family has gone above and beyond so I don’t loose my ability to communicate in Spanish. When it comes to actual Spanish classes in the USA, I have taken CBE’s (credit by exam) to get rid of Spanish I and II, score 100 in all of them, this allowed me to take Spanish AP my sophomore year, I scored a 5 on that exam.

As for my experience with kids, I was involved in PALs (Peer Leadership and assistance) and I was part of staff at Camp Invention by The National Inventors Hall of Fame. Apart from that I have worked closely with disabled kids through the program UNIFED, there I was the president. I’ve been a private tutor for several years. I take pride in the way that I teach Spanish because I allow people to be able to talk to more human beings. I try to make classes a little more fun and entertaining, this allows the kids to be more connected rather than distanced.


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