Public Speaking Course


Ms. Jimilee /Public Speaking Teacher

Ms.Jimilee is originally from Manhattan, KS and moved to the Dallas area 4 years ago. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications and Theatre. While in college she competed nationally as a member of the debate team. She has spent the last 20 years working in live theatre as an actress, director, and designer. She also spent time in the classroom as a teacher of drama, speech, and debate for grades K-12.

During her time in education in Texas, she was a UIL coach for a middle and high school one-act play, and advanced to state for the 1st time is the school’s history. She also coached 3rd-6th grade storytelling, impromptu speaking, and oral interpretation, where the majority of her students took home medals. Her hobbies include golf, softball, cross-stitching, Greek mythology, and puzzles.

Course Title: Foundations of Public Speaking 

Course Overview: 

Gaining confidence as an individual speaker by exploring various genres of public speaking such as storytelling, narrative speech, informative speech, persuasive speech, and oral interpretation of written text.

Course Objectives:

Students will be able to recognize, compare and contrast, identify, and deliver the three main types
of formal speeches (narrative, informative, and persuasive). Students will also discover confidence in oral communication through storytelling. They will also employ imagination and personal interpretation while reading aloud previously written stories and prose.

What you will learn?

*Effective vocal techniques
*Proper eye contact
*Effective Body Language
* Peer to Peer Evaluation
*Confidence is expressing individual thoughts and opinions, as well as researched facts
*Hold an audience’s attention

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introduction

  •               Gauge confidence level
  •               Foundational Questions
  •               Speech Decisions

Lesson 2: Control Voice

      •               Volume
  •               Tone & Pitch,
  •                Pacing 

Lesson 3: Speech Structure

    •              Intro
    •              body 
    •             Summary
    •             Conclusion

Lesson 4: Narrative Speech

  •                 Storytelling Techniques
  •                 Body Language
  •                 Eye contact

Lesson 5: Tell Me a Story

  •                Students sent a narrative speech in a                           personal story
  •                 Peer Evaluation

Lesson 6: Informative Speech

  •         Review structure
  •         Using notes or multi media
  •         Citing Sources

Lesson 7: Informative Speech Continued

  •          Captivating intros
  •          Body of facts
  •          Summary
  •          Strong Conclusions

Lesson 8: Informative Speech

  •             Students give a researched-based                                informative speech
  •             Peer Evaluations

Lesson 9: Persuasive Speech

         Review structure
         Finding a problem in need of solution
         Be convincing

Lesson 10: Persuasive Speech Continued

  •          Your opinion matters
  •          You’re selling something
  •          Pitches

Lesson 11: Review

  Compare and contrast the three types of speech
  Identify the elements of the structure of a speech
   Oral quiz

Lesson 12: Oral Interpretation

         Making vocal choices
         Creating a vocal character
         Plot structure
         You are the story

Lesson 13: Final Speeches

  •          Students choose to give a narrative,                           informative, persuasive, or oral                                   interpretation speech
  •           Peer evaluations