Onsite courses

Beyond Academy uses scientific and effective literacy methods to help students quickly and efficiently concentrate on literacy, pay attention to the overall improvement of students’ Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, cultivate students’ interest in learning Chinese and their sense of identity and pride in Chinese culture, and attach importance to communication and coordination among teachers, students and parents. The teacher has many years of Chinese teaching experience, is good at teaching according to his aptitude, and teaching in entertainment.Students can participate in WeChat group reading and punching after class to help children consolidate what they have learned and achieve a qualitative leap in Chinese learning in a short time!

Enrollment target: 4-18 years old, with basic Chinese listening and speaking skills

class location:930 W Parker Rd #501, Plano, TX 75075

Class time: Saturday or Sunday afternoon, 1.5 hours per class, 15 classes in total

Four five fast reading literacy class (4-6 years old)

This class is designed for younger children. It uses the classic Chinese literacy textbook “four five quick reading” and other reading materials to help students to read quickly and efficiently……..

New Shuangshuang Chinese Class6-18years old

The book “new Shuangshuang Chinese” consists of 15 volumes, covering the study from literacy, pinyin, sentence patterns, and short essays to preliminary and systematic Chinese culture……..

Clock in in WeChat group

Many overseas children have a weak atmosphere of reading Chinese, lack of interest in reading Chinese and lack of consolidation of their Chinese learning. In order to improve children’s interest in reading……..

Public speaking class

This course aims to enable students to master communication skills so as to express their opinions and feelings confidently in public. It can effectively help students to develop their oral and brain harmoniously…..

English Reading Class

The purpose is to cultivate students’ English reading comprehension ability and improve their reading speed; to cultivate students’ ability to observe language carefully and logical thinking…..

English Writing Class

The purpose is to develop students’ preliminary English writing ability, including outlines, abstracts, short essays and simple practical essays. For the junior students, the arrangement of teaching…..

English grammar, reading and vocabulary improvement course

This course is designed for students of different levels to improve their English vocabulary, reading and grammar.