Founded in February 2017, the Beyond Academy is committed to providing high-quality and professional education for children around the world.

The Beyond Academy offers both online and offline courses. We strive to provide qualitative and cost-effective programs that can help children to explore learning in a fun and creative environment.  We are extremely selective in continuing to expand our curriculum and hiring qualified teachers to help children unleash their potential.


Beyond Academy(咔咔中文学校)创办于2017年2月,由最初的中文精品网课,发展到如今包括英文阅读写作、演讲、辩论、数学、编程、西班牙语、国际象棋等丰富多彩的线上线下课程体系。
任教老师经过严格筛选,拥有丰富教学经验,教学态度严谨务实,教学方式生动活泼,更有多位公立、私立学校资深教师加盟,精心打造各门课程。“认真” 和 “用心” 是我们全体教师一致的品格!